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Kayali Yum Pistachio Gelato

Influencer and Media Event

Inspired by a trip to Rome and the first experience of pistachio gelato, KAYALI Yum Pistachio Gelato 33 was born as a warm and sweet fragrance that charms with an unforgettably intense, gourmand scent trail that will have you smelling good enough to eat! Our challenge…to bring these very elements to life through, taste, smell and sight for the Kayali Fragrance Launch.


Concept Development

Event Styling and Set Design

Venue Sourcing and Management

Supplier Management

F&B Curation

Graphic Design


Taking over a Georgian townhouse in the the heart of London we welcomed guest to the World of Kayali – a multi sensory experience built to unveil the new Kayali fragrance.

Content capture moments were at the ready with a life-size Kayali bottle setting the tone for what was to come in this decadent world.

Set in the oval room featuring high ceilings and original artworks from the early 18th century, round plinths were lined up to create a walk way into our ‘layers of you’ corridor. Each plinth displayed the perfume alongside the raw ingredients behind the scents and offered guests the opportunity to try and sample the collection.

The Discovery Room was designed to awaken their senses and indulge in Kayali’s newest creation where they were guided by perfumers Mona Kattan, Oliver Cresp and Sebastian Cresp to slowly uncover the Yum Pistachio Gelato 33 perfume notes. Top, mid and base notes were individually showcased on bespoke plinths varying in heights linking to each layer of the perfume notes. ⁠

Bonbon jars filled with scent balls, bespoke acrylic signage and fun ‘guess the scent’ clues were on display to help guests complete their guess sheet. At the end of the discovery room, the scents were unveiled and guests had the opportunity to smell the fragrance for the first time ever.

After discovering all the layers of YUM pistachio, Mona Kattan officially unveiled a space inspired by the Yum Pistachio Gelateria where the campaign imagery came to life. Touches of soft pistachio tones, romantic props and the layering bar offered a 360 experience for guests to celebrate the perfume.

A branded ice cream cart served pistachio ice cream invited guests to immerse themselves in the flavours and take photos.
Project facts

2,400 scented bon bons bursting with sweetness

200 serves of pistachio gelato

9 delicious fragrances