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Aesop Gloam

Seeding Box Toolkit

To celebrate the launch of Aesop’s newest fragrant, Gloam Eau de Parfum, a bespoke seeding box was designed inspired by the campaign creative.

The toolkit document was designed as a full spec guide to follow in order to replicate the seeding box across all the various regions. It included project scope, print specifications, packing instructions and cutter guides.

Graphic Design

Packaging Design

Toolkit Design

Art Direction

Material and Print Specifications


Our design of the seeding box seamlessly tied together the campaign creative used across store activations and social content.

The box is layered with a translucent removable sleeve that features a subtle hint to one of the main fragrance notes, mimosa, while representing the threshold between our inner and outer worlds; our conscious and subconscious.

The main box base was wrapped in Cairn Eco white, and printed with campaign imagery and product copy. The box was designed to be intentionally understated and materials chosen through a sustainable lens.

The seeding box proved to be successful in capturing the attention of content creators with the subtle design touches.